McKenzie Intelligence Services

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), a geospatial intelligence insurtech company, provides through-life, 360° actionable intelligence to the global insurance industry before, during and after continental-scale natural catastrophes. MIS automatically collates and analyses data from satellites, sensors (air and ground) and the internet of things (IoT), which is then provided through its SaaS portal, MIS-Intel, to the global insurance market. MIS combines machine learning algorithms with in-house, military-trained damage assessment experts to provide timely, robust and accurate intelligence about the situation on the ground. The intelligence is disseminated from MIS-Intel in a variety of client-specific interactive maps, raw data and written reports. MIS stands in opposition to current probability models and cumbersome loss adjusting practices. Instead, MIS uses objective, near time, quantifiable sensed and visual data to provide the vital intelligence needed to improve exposure reporting, claims resolutions, claims reinsurance and enable business interruption decisions for the insurance market. MIS was founded in 2011. In the early days, the company worked with Skybox Satellites and Google before then beginning in 2016 an ongoing commercial relationship with Lloyd’s of London. As of December 2018, the company is venture-capital backed by best-in-class investors.