Professional Telephone Answering for Law Firms
Moneypenny is experienced in looking after calls for law firms. As the UK’s largest provider of outsourced switchboard and telephone answering services, we combine extraordinary receptionists with innovative technology to deliver dramatic cost savings and service enhancements.

  • Fully outsourced switchboard function
  • Support for in-house reception teams during busy periods
  • 24/7 cover through our New Zealand office
  • Business Continuity

With Moneypenny, firms benefit from having their switchboards staffed around the clock: callers feel as if they are speaking to another well-informed and exceptionally capable member of the in-house team. Moneypenny Receptionists put calls through to clients’ direct dials, mobile phones, and even home phones, while messages can be forwarded via email or SMS. Committed to providing firms with world-class suppor tand exhaustive business continuity plans, this even includes flying experienced Moneypenny Receptionists out to New Zealand to look after UK overnight calls during daylight hours.

Trial our service
We offer a four week trial so that you can see for yourself the positive effect Moneypenny will have on your firm. With a full online audit trail of all calls and messages, volumes, and detailed Management Information to help you make informed decision, there really is nothing to lose.

Bernadette Bennett
Corporate Account Manager

Kevin Bishop
Business Development Manager