On Medical

Do you think all Medico-Legal companies are the same? We can guarantee we’re not! On Medical is DIFFERENT… search ‘Be Different Choose On Medical’ on YouTube to watch our video.
We started as a small medical agency, but against all odds, we’ve grown to become one of the biggest players in the industry. We made history by becoming the first agency to transition from tier two to tier one within the MedCo portal.
We work closely with the legal and insurance industries to deliver:
Medico-legal reporting
Diagnostics services
Rehabilitation services

Our services
Medico-legal reporting
We ensure that all cases are instructed within 48 hours. Our team of case-handlers can arrange a location and time to suit your client’s needs. The medico-legal reporting is carried out by a nationwide network of medical professionals.

We offer outstanding rehabilitation services nationwide. Our case handlers instruct on cases within 48 hours, and ensure that clients receive access to rehabilitation as quickly as possible.

Our handpicked network of rehabilitation centres offer clients convenience and access to a full range of services – including physiotherapy, CBT and triage – to suit their individual needs and goals for recovery.

W: www.onmedical.co.uk
E: enquiries@onmedical.co.uk
T: 0344 576 1576