Ontime Group

The Ontime Group provides specialist legal support services for clinical negligence and personal injury lawyers . Avoiding an impersonal, transactional processing approach the Ontime Group businesses provide bespoke, highly interactive services via our educated, professional team, treating you and your claimants as individuals rather than bits of data.

Ontime Reports’ panel of expert consultants provides specialist medical reporting whilst our in-house team of experienced, trained nurses provides full pagination services to help both lawyers and examiners.

Ontime Costs, headed by Sharon Denby, is home to a dedicated team of costs lawyers who deal with all areas of costs law and practice. The Ontime Group recognised, following the Jackson Reforms, that there is an even greater need to provide a specialist service in this area of law. We can deal with a full range of services that traditional costs draftsmen provide but, in addition to this, our litigation background gives us a thorough understanding of costs and important budgeting knowledge that other competitors simply cannot match.

All of the services the Ontime Group provides have been designed to be as personal and individual as possible, helping lawyers optimise case outcomes and maximise fee incomes.