PHOTOFILE has been serving insurers and personal injury lawyers for many years and offers a range of reporting services for your clients throughout the UK.

New ‘LOCUS-IN-MOTION’ service
Award winners in the field of innovation, Photofile has developed a revolutionary locus report which assists in clarifying areas of dispute in defended RTAs.  ‘Locus-in-motion’ combines a ‘driver’s-eye view’ with GPS mapping information, putting viewers right at the scene.

Digital scarring photographs for the portal
High quality photographic evidence has been shown to routinely increase damages by around 25%.  As a market leader in this field, Photofile turns your instructions around efficiently and now offers digital images suitable for uploading straight onto the portal.

Putting state of the art technology at your fingertips, Photofile DVDs are customised to each individual case and range from short clips to full ‘Day in the Life’ DVDs following a more serious accident or injury.

Photofile also offers a full medical reporting service with deferred terms and cost reductions on failed cases as well as a ‘no win no fee’ taxi service to and from the appointment.

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