piCalculator is an award-winning piece of software that aids the preparation of schedules of loss by allowing the lawyer to concentrate on the legal aspects of the claim and not the maths.

It currently has 2000 subscribers from across the clinical negligence and personal injury sector, including claimant and defendant lawyers, barristers and claims handlers. Industry leaders describe it as a “heavyweight solution with lightweight cost.

The Benefits:

  • Ensures detailed and mathematically accurate schedules.

  • Saves time by instantly calculating pre-and-post losses, with full explanations to interest rates and multipliers.

  • Removes the need to spend time referencing Ogden tables, ONS date, ASHE tables, JSB guidelines, Tax and NI tables and RPI.

  • White-labelled product.

  • Information and calculations can be updated quickly.

  • Use of cloud-based technology enables schedules to be shared with other parties.

  • Full training on the software, plus telephone and email support from the piCalculator team.

You do the Law. We do the Maths.

For a free, no-obligation demonstration contact Adam Fletcher, National Sales Manager, adam.fletcher@picalculator.co.uk or t. 0114 266 3300.