Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness and need the bespoke emotional and practical support the charity offers.
Today there are an estimated 6,000 families in England who have to face the very real possibility that their child may die and may be struggling to cope on a day to day basis. We currently support less than a third of these families. It is our intention to expand geographically and introduce new services to meet this total demand.

Rainbow Trust support those families who are in the greatest need. Family Support Workers provide a life line to these families and children and support the whole family including parents, carers, the sick child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. They bring support and respite to families who so desperately need it at home, in hospital and in the community. Any family can receive support from the moment of their child or young person’s diagnosis.

No other single organisation provides the range of professional care and consistency of contact that Rainbow Trust offers. Because of Rainbow Trust’s support, families are better able to cope, and can face the future whatever it may hold.
Thank you for your support.