For 20 years reach has specialised in UK wide hands-on neurological rehabilitation for Traumatically Brain Injured (TBI) clients in their own home and local community.  For TBI children, adults and their family’s life can be considerably improved by timely, skilled, intensive and appropriate intervention.

reach’s target orientated programmes are individually tailored to the needs and abilities of the client and are provided by experienced professionals who are locally based.

Focus is on returning clients to functioning as close to pre-incident levels as possible, particularly independent living and quality of life.  reach’s  research shows that for recent clients aged 3 – 9 years rehab resulted in an increase in self directed play, more functional self reliance and positive feedback from schools.  81% of TBI adults, through a |reach| programme, return to either work, education or a voluntary activity.

Residential rehabilitation is excellent as a first step and for clients with behaviour issues but a recent survey showed 85% of neuro-patients would prefer rehabilitation at home.  Here they are operating in the familiar settings where they will utilise their skills on a day to day basis and their families can be fully involved.

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