Seven Investment Management

We’re Seven Investment Management – or 7IM – an investment management business that helps individuals and their families manage their capital to meet their financial needs and aspirations. We look after around £10bn of their money, as well as our own, with around 200 of our people taking care of it and them.

Personal injury survivors have usually experienced life changing events, so they cannot afford to take unnecessary risks with their money; capital is vital to their future financial wellbeing and in many cases will be needed for many years to come. At the same time a reasonable rate of return is going to be required. As a personal injury survivor, ironically, the younger you are, the less risk you can take with your money. It has to work for you for a lifetime.

Because we understand these needs, we work constantly to create asset mixes that will add that crucial element of growth without taking on unjustifiable risks. This investment solution, our 7IM Personal Injury Fund, will help to provide peace of mind and aims to give lifelong financial security for personal injury survivors.

For further information contact us on 020 7760 8777.