Silva Legal Services

Silva Legal Services (SLS) is a national company that provides medical record pagination and collation services for personal injury and clinical negligence cases. Our specially trained team help solicitors sort through complex and often confusing medical issues.

Our team has years of experience in dealing with records on behalf of solicitors. Some members of the team have worked in house for specialist clinical negligence firms.  In addition over half the team are dual qualified as PI / Clinical negligence solicitors. We have nurses, midwives and a dentist in our team.

Whether you require files tailored to your bespoke specifications, chronologies or indexing we would be delighted to tell you how we can save you time and effort. Our clients choose us because we deliver a reliable and value-added medical record collation service on which you can rely.

SLS will review and “translate” the medical records and also prepare a concise chronology that highlights critical events. In addition we will detail any notes of relevance that are missing.

Sorting of the medical records can be an arduous task. Let us deal with the records for you so you can concentrate on the case in hand.