Speed Medical

At Speed Medical we place a premium on the expertise, professionalism, passion and flexibility of our staff to provide a truly personal service; a service that people commend, favouring people over PCs wherever possible, relying heavily on the human touch to truly differentiate ourselves from the more popular automated systems.
Our innovative IT has contributed to our growth and positioning as one of the UK’s largest independent providers of medical reports and rehabilitation services; it’s the way we apply it, both smartly and selectively, this is what makes us different.
Every process is considered from the user’s point of view as well as from that of the ultimate customer. Our sole aim is to find the best solution for all concerned, and what may appear to some to be overkill actually increases the overall efficiency of the process. Customers remain engaged; attrition rates are reduced; there’s total flexibility in booking appointments; non-attendance rates are lower and cases are progressed efficiently.
We deliver on our promises and we deliver a service that can make a real difference to your business. To find out more about working with Speed Medical please contact the sales team on 0844 4129 368 or reporting@speedmedical.com

Speed Medical, medical reporting with a human touch.
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