Sedgwick launches smartphone app for valuing carpet claims


Sedgwick has launched a self-service app that enables policyholders to get their damaged carpet valued instantly via their smartphone.

i-Value uses artificial intelligence to define the structure and material of a carpet and based on comparative retail prices calculates the most cost-effective match to the existing carpet, including necessary accessories such as underlays, grippers and door bars.

The claims management company said this provides policyholders with a quicker valuation, allowing them to get a quote and payment for their carpet in as little as 10 minutes. Early studies indicate that i-Value can resolve up to 80% of average flooring claims digitally and on the same day.

The app, developed in partnership with Typhoon 8, achieves this streamlining of flooring claims by using technologies such as FloRA (Flooring Recognition Algorithm) and CarMA (Carpet Measuring Algorithm).

With the launch of i-Value, policyholders are able to take advantage of these three-year-old algorithms for the first time.

The app also employs a self-service network that instantly connects policyholders to their assigned claims handlers. Sedgwick added that “a global fulfilment solution is forthcoming”.

Angela Kelly, director for UK client operational delivery at Sedgwick, commented: “We’re continuously striving to improve customer experiences in the claims process, and the launch of the new i-Value technology provides a faster, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly service for customers seeking a claim on their damaged carpet.”


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