DAS reveals surge in employment and landlord and tenant legal enquiries


DAS UK Group has experienced a huge surge in calls from businesses to its legal helpline as they grapple with the repercussions of the pandemic and the rising cost of living. 

The legal expenses insurance company, which also operates a law firm, said that employment and landlord and tenant issues topped the list of calls addressed to its legal advice team during December 2021.

Enquiries about employment issues increased 50% from 800 per month to more than 1,200 in December 2021, while landlord and tenant problems increased from 676 to 900.

This surge contrasts strongly to the number of contracts enquiries, which underwent only a small increase in February 2022 and has largely remained consistent in the intervening period, according to DAS.  

“The overall figures clearly demonstrate that the repercussions of the pandemic and the rising cost of living is putting pressure on businesses,” the insurer explained.

“This, in turn, has meant that they are having to deal with an increase in the number of legal issues they are faced with and are seeking legal advice to help navigate these challenging times.” 

DAS noted these increases in enquiries came during a heightened period of uncertainty for many in the UK who are experiencing a cost of living crisis in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Between October 1 and 31 December 2021, there was a 168% rise in the number of households threatened with homelessness from the same quarter the previous year, according to research cited by DAS. 

A representative from DAS UK Group said: “These figures remind us of the stark and pressing needs that many businesses are facing during a cost of living crisis. With employment and landlord and tenant claims experiencing sharp increases since the latter part of last year, it’s clear that concerns over jobs and property are causing legal uncertainty and concern.” 

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